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maneikaite said...

Comment here if you want to see your blog on ''Great blog list'' It's FREE you still got a chance ;) so hurry up.

TIA said...

Can i get my blog here? Its called Tia on Stardoll and the link is
P.S.: please follow!

Princesskeyera/Keyera said...

Creina10 said...

Could you put mine up?

maneikaite said...

Sure :)

Hotangel9 said...

Could you please do

The logo is on the blog x

maneikaite said...

Sure :)

Hrly said...

could you add mine?

Blog name: Hrly Images


Anonymous said...

hi! my blog is
Little Star of Stardoll
our logo is:
thank you very much and i hope you have the time to do this!

Anonymous said...

My blog is:

the logo is on the header of the blog :)

Creina10 said...

You're using my blog's wrong banner!

Anonymous said...

Can you advertise my blog:

Link :

Logo can be found on the right side of my blog :)

cute-princess08 said...

Hi! could you adevertise my blog?, the name of my blog is Shine Stardoll :D
thanks, and the logo is on the sidebar where the gadgets are ;)

Anonymous said...