Apply to be a SNTA writter NOW!!!

I know a lot of people aplied for a writter's spot on Stardoll news to all, but people mailed me every where on email, my guestbook , my stardoll mail, the comments in post. I just can't keep track of it all so that's the part of the reason why I haven't choosen a new writter yet and apologize for that, I am truly sorry! I will  choose my writters ( I will choose 2-1 new writters )

  • You have to know about SOME FREE stuff
  • You have to know about SOME of the Latest Stardoll stuff
  • You have to have at least  6 months experience on Stardoll (and I know I've said 1 year for some people who has mailed me but now I changed it)
  • You can be any type of writer! You can be a graphic designer for the blog or a Stardoll fashion blogger or the latest Free stuff on Stardoll or the latest gossip or news! Whatever is your best just tell me!
  • I REALLY NEED a GREAT graphic designer! So if you are A++++++ in the graphic's section then tell me you want to be a graphic's designer for the blog. 
  • You have to write in blog two or three times in a day.
  • My friend will make you the banner so you don't have to worry about that.

But first fill in this:

Stardoll username:
email: So I can send you invatation
Do you have your own blog?
Any extras you want to add about your self:
Follower name:


AnnGurl said...

Hi! Can i be a writer for your website?? I work for 2 websites but i'm active in both of them. I love to write lots of stuff. I can write glitches and how to get free stuff. Here is my email if i could be a writer

maneikaite said...

Heey, I'll think about that... :) Ill let you know If i have choose you as a writter for SNTA. :)

candy@... said...

Hi! I really want to be a writer for STNA. I own a blog but I have many time to be active in both. To be honest I have no idea how to design grafics. I can write whatever you want me to. Here is my email:
Please text me with good things :D
If you wanna "see" what I can do just check my blog too:
Thanks, bye!

Hrly said...

I am applying to be a writer for your blog. I can write about clothes and new store spoiler; stardoll fashion;and I can make you new banners for the other writers or a new header if you want.

bubblegirl94 said...

I sooo want to be a writer.
I've been on stardoll for 4 years i not alot and think i would be great i already help other stardoll members

Princessvx said...

I would j'adore to be a writer! :D Princessvx.

Anonymous said...

I think ill be a great stardoll writer for this blog. Im on everyday and ive been on stardoll for four years and have loved it ever since, i already help other members get free stuff, so maybe i could do this and help more people.


P.s my google account isnt working so i had to do it this way

Anonymous said...

follower name:Melissa Linardou
age and country: 13,5 and Greece
hours on stardoll:3-4
writing experience:Little Star of Stardoll (
position: i can write all about starplaza (new shops,fashion trends,cool picks for nn superstars and more...)
Godd luck to everyone!

Nessisamess said...
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Anonymous said...

Stardoll username: kiar0uzzz
Age: 12
Do you have your own blog?: no but i write for a blog(
Any extras you want to add about your self:i love fashion and i whant to be a journalist.... i am from greece and im looking for a little job!
Follower name:kiar0uzzzz

natasha-rox286 said...

Stardoll username: natasha-rox286
Age: 15 turning 16
Do you have your own blog- No but i am apart of a blog
Any extras you want to add about your self: I'm very bubbly and happy I've been on stardoll for almost 4 years now. I love to be a writer if you choose me. x]
Follower name: natasha-rox286

FancyNichole101 said...

Stardol username: FancyNichole101
Do you have your own blog? yes, also write for the stardoll cheatbook.
Any extras you want to add about yourself? I'm very funny and I love designing clothes.I've been on stardoll for 2 years I think.
Follower Name:FancyNichole101
Thanks and please choose me as your writer+_+

Niamhhh said...

Stardoll username:girlben99
Age: 11
Do you have your own blog? No but I used to write for one at my school that got quite popular.
Any extras you want to add about your self: I love fashion and I would write about all the lastest trends on stardoll. I REALLY want to write for SNTA!!!!! It would be soo cool! Another thing I could write about is like interveiewing famous medolls,like covergirls or winners of competitions.
Follower name: Niamhhh

Meawa said...

Stardoll username: Meawa
Age: 13
I dont have my own blog
Extras: I read blogs a lot, and lately Ive been interested in yours. I love writing, especially making contests everyone can participate in, and where I can see their entries. I have been on stardoll for 3 years now and I love it very much. I play nearly everyday, and never miss out on anything. It would be very nice if I was a competition writer in the blog.
Follower name: ranya behebhani