How to follow a blog

Many of you asked of how to follow a blog so here follow the below instructions and please be a follower.
NOTE-after every pic explanation is been given.

Click on follow link in the subscribers/followers place

a page will open and will ask you through which account do you want to follow 

Choose google if you have google, gmail or others blogger acount or choose AIM, yahoo,netlog, or openID if you have accounts in them

If you don't have any an account chose below options create a new google account

If you select to open new account then you will have to put in information to register

after that you have logged in this page will appear click on follow this blog button to follow

and please not chose follow publicaly button

If you want to upload pic, about yourself, info, name etc then click more options

Hope you get it, if any propblem tell in maneikaite guestbook or

Thanks : )
Please follow